Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Old Dog, New Tricksies!!!

Holy crap, you guys! You would not believe what I've been learning this week!

First, I was searching for patterns to use with some left over merino that I am in lust with (but that's another story), which brought me to this book.

So I thought I would try one of the patterns just for a different style of mitten. After all, they do say that a change is as good as a rest. Yeah, whatever.

Yes, apparently living in a cold place makes me think I must warm the hands of the world single-handedly. Hah! (Oh look, Jane, a silly pun!)

Anyway, I started these mittens and before I even cast on it tells me that I have to do this two-colour cast on. So I go to the front of the book to find instructions. When I get there, the two-colour method informs me that I must do it with the long-tail cast on. Never done that before. But I figure I'm up for a little knitting excitement so what the heck?!

A few tries later and Voila! we have a two-colour cast on. Nice. I have just proven the physics of knitting cannot outsmart the old dog in me.

Then, the next step in the destructions, er, instructions tells me that I must do three rounds of plaiting and that I have to do it in a certain way specific to that mitten. So in for a penny, in for a pound, they say (again? what's with these "they" people?)

Three rounds later, I have this very cool plaited edge on my very cool two-colour cast-on mittens. Nicer. Then we start in with the three colour pattern of the work and I have a bombed-out spaghetti factory on my couch and carpet. I figure, since I'm learnin' I might as well figure out how to get this mess organized. I remember that I saw a video clip that shows me how to do this.

I am so seriously excited by all this. I'll get some photos tomorrow and see if I can get them posted.

Happy Knittin' and Learnin', M

(I've been drinking sugary, caffeinated drinks this evening. Can you tell? Huh, can you? Huh, huh, can you??)

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Renee said...

Isn't it fun to learn new techniques like that with nothing but a book (or video) and your brain. That feeling plus the caffeine makes for a nice rush :)