Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Socks Soaring

Got this in the mail on Friday.

Can't wait to try it out but now I have to order some matching circular needles so I can give it a whirl. I've read on lots of blogs that people love how quickly socks grow with this method.

Maybe if I drop a REALLY BIG HINT, my Mom will buy me two sets in, I don't know, a size 3mm and mail it to me. (Big cheezy grin as waves at mother through computer!)

A few posts ago I mentioned that if I were starting a blog now, I'd call it Yarn Pie. I've thought of a few other blog names since I started this one and figured I'd put them out there for someone else to use - in case they were looking or something. Other than Yarn Pie, my two favourites are Knitting Out Loud and I Kidd You Knot.

Gotta go get some marking done so I can get some knitting done after that!

Happy Wednesday, M


BeccaU said...

Lucky you - I have the Socks Soar book as well - it's super! And you know, it is really the only set of patterns that fit my feet :) Ok, so I have only made the simple / basic sock but i love the method that avoids madness!

eyeleen said...

I love the 2 circular method, much easier than all those dpns.