Monday, January 30, 2006

This Is Laddie!

He's a very sweet boy and a real charmer! Even with his ears missing, he's a real cutie.

I love this little guy already but with three dogs in our house, I cannot keep him. What will I do the next time a frozen puppy comes across my path? He needs to find a home where he'll be appreciated.

So far, he's shown me that he's very smart. He already comes to "Laddie" (a generic name I use for all dogs I don't know) and he's crate and house trained after only a few days. He's become my little shadow and is very good with the other dogs.

Actually, he's a little cheeky monkey, if truth be told. He vocalizes, sometimes barks, to tell me that he wants to play or to be fed or when he's playing with the other dogs. He's got such a personality!

He can also be a bit shy, though, and I think that comes from being around people who take dogs for granted and don't treat them very well. But he learns to trust quickly with some consistent interaction.

Here's a profile shot!

Mr. Relaxed!

If you're anywhere near me (like west of Ontario and north of the 49th) and you're interested in having this guy join your house, please let me know. I will gladly drive him to a good home and deliver him within the next few weeks.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of Laddie!

Happy Monday, M


J. said...

I seem to of lost your email address and for some reason Haloscan did not send me your comment so can you email me, please and I will send you my address.
Adorable pups, great hat and FYI - I tagged you on my blog today

eyeleen said...

OH he's such a cutie, if only I lived closer...

nmblefngrs said...

I'm writing this totally tongue-in-cheek, but you are soooo the dog lady now!

Eva said...

I hope you are able to find a home for Laddie. I would take him, but I'm a little too far south to drive up to you...