Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Can No Longer Resist

I did it. I finally gave in. I have surrendered to the inevitability of the Knitting Olympics.

I wasn't going to join. Truly I wasn't. I was going to be an unofficial participant - all the glory, none of the pressure. But alas, despite my best efforts and previous bad experiences at the joiner thingy - I have succumbed.

(Oh, please. Who am I kidding. I joined. I admit it. I couldn't resist. I'm weak. Probably a little loopy to boot. But I digress.)

I'll be knitting Cozy from knitty.com, also something that appears to have been inevitable for me.

Why is it a challenge? Well, I'm still pretty new at lace-like knitting and on a previous attempt at Cozy, I got lost in it. I'm hoping for more success this time.

Is sixteen days enough time? Probably not. Does this discourage me? Not yet. Check back, say, middle of next week. I may have a different answer by then.

I considered joining Team Chocolate as it was, again, very tempting. In the end, though, I'll be knitting for my country. GO TEAM CANADA!!!

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