Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Team Canada In Training

"She calls this training?" you say.

"But of course. I am training my mind and hands to do something new with new tools used in new ways. I am preparing for my Olympic Knitting event both mentally and physically. I am limber and ready to compete" I reply.

Or maybe I just say "Is this your business? No? Then don't bug me already! I call it training and training it shall be!" Choose whichever answer fits into your reality.

BTW, does anybody know how to do two socks at once with these circulars? I thought I saw it on someone's blog and I cannot for the life of me bend my brain enough to figure it out right now.

In other news, I had Zach stay with me the other evening. This is Zach.

He basically tortured me by playing X-box all night, which is kind of like an animated movie but way boring. Then when he realized I was watching Ghostbusters on my laptop, he came and sat with me.

Thought I would also slip in some furry cuteness because I can.

Yet another shot of Sara in a cupboard - this one's a new locale for her. She discovered the towel cupboard on the weekend and hasn't left it yet. I kid you not. (Or if you prefer, I kidd you knot! I love that one. It cracks me up every time. Yes, I am easily amused.)

Finally, some pix of my Chemistry Kids again. I swear to the Science Gods these were not posed. I just actually caught them helping each other out and enjoying the problem solving.

Please don't tell them you saw this. It might make them stop doing it where I can see them.

Well, folks, that was Wednesday. Happy Humpday, M

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Terri said...

Michele, try Chery's instructions here

which you can access from her blog here