Monday, February 06, 2006

The Week That Was

Oiy! Such a week! Why is it that when I actually have stuff to write about, I don't have any time to write about it? Funny, that life business.

First, some knitting content. I have actually been knitting in spite of all the other things going on. This is a basic increasing garter stitch triangle done in Patons Bright Clouds.

Fast, colourful, mindless knitting to fill the hands when the head is already full.

We had two ski events this past week and my ski chickens had all kinds of fun.

Friday, we drove for four hours to do a 30 minute ski race but it was great. They had such a blast and we got to eat fast food. A strange indulgence I know but I do live VERY FAR NORTH!

Lastly, I'll give you a shot of my Chemistry Kids studiously doing the lab thing.

In Laddie news, he's found a new home right next door to us. The principal has taken him in and I still get to look after him when his new owner is away.

I've decided that I'm going to be an unofficial participant in the Knitting Olympics. I'm not submitting my name because I think the organizers are seriously overwhelmed with the response (they have more knitters than the Olympics have athletes). I can work away on my own personal challenge. I'll have more details later.

A very brief synopsis of a week from hell but you get the general idea. I'm hoping to get more rest this week.

Happy Monday, M

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eyeleen said...

Wonderful shawl. the mindless knitting can be great sometimes. Hope this wek isn't too hellish for you... Have fun skiing with your team and knitting through your Olympic challenge.