Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another Weekend, Another Hat

It was actually a slow knitting weekend as I was dealing with floods in the laundry room, more snow on the roof, cleaning the house and rearranging some furniture. So only one hat completed.


I have another one half done and it will probably be finished by tonight.

Why so many you ask? Well, I sold the last one to a coworker and then a bunch of other people started asking for them. I have never knit for money before but it's kinda growing on me. Plus with these, I get to use up stash and leftovers. The cash can help to finance other projects. Good deal all around! (Okay, good deal for me!)

Happy weekend knitting, M


BerryKnitty said...

Beautiful hat!

Pioggia said...

I'd say, great deal. Just the fact that you're getting paid for knitting is good enough.