Sunday, March 05, 2006

Multiple Post Day

Sorry for the mini-break there. It's been a week! Fighting off a cold (and winning!) while trying to maintain the classroom and plan another ski trip was a bit of a challenge. However, I still managed to get some good knitting time in, especially over the weekend.

Any one of the following could have been a post unto itself and these are just the highlights.

First, I finished the socks. Cool colours!

Then I knit a hat. Very cute!

In Friday's mail I received some yummy-licious yarn from Jacey. I ordered the chocolate and cotton candy and I got a complimentary skein! She's amazing over there! Go check her out!

Friday's mail was so freakin' awesome - not only did I receive Jacey's parcel but I also received this order from Knit Happens. Lorna's Laces sock yarn - yee haw!

Filling out that order was some Addi Turbos (my first) in 2.5mm so I can do some more socks on two circs, and a set of 2.5mm Crystal Palace bamboo dpn's.

I have decided that I love wooden needles. I have a birch set of dpn's in 5.00mm and a straight set in 6.00mm. Light weight, warm, solid - absolutely love them!

Not pictured here is a set of fingerless computer mitts I am knitting for my friend's daughter. I just have to finish up the thumb on number 2 and they'll be ready for shipping.

All in all, a great knitting week! Hope your was too! M


eyeleen said...

Great hat and socks!

BerryKnitty said...

The socks and hat are magnificent!

It looks COLD where you are for sure!