Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh, Look. Another Hat. woo.

This is not the original post. It was so bland that I had to delete it because I was boring myself just reading it. So here's the new and improved version.

Look, I have another finished object. It's a hat! Aren't those colours beautiful? The earflaps are done in one of my fav yarns - I have mittens made out of it.

The cool thing is that as soon as I finish one, it flies out of my hands and is quickly replaced by cash. Very good trade.

I have another student knitter pic. Megan finished this scarf a couple of weeks ago now and has moved onto a quilting project. The quilt is for her baby that's due in July. I keep telling her that she needs to knit a blanket, too, but with the warm weather coming and her increasing discomfort, I don't think she's too interested just yet.

Thank goodness I didn't post that original entry. You'd have been asleep by now.

May all your knitting be un-boring, M


eyeleen said...

Wow, you just keep whipping out those hats! I can't even finish one

Pioggia said...

Now I'm curious. You say that's your favorite yarn, but you forgot to mention the name!