Sunday, March 12, 2006

Out of Control Non-spinning

I realized this weekend that I have had an unreasonable fear of spinning.

I know this sounds odd as I own a spinning wheel and a fair-sized stash of fibre waiting for processing. But the truth is that I have been afraid to spin it up. Why, you may ask. Because I didn't want to wreck it, of course! (Yes, I know it's weird. Just don't laugh in my face, k? Do it behind my back where I can't hear you! :-p)

Yup, brave in the face of rabid dogs, hostile corporate take-overs, and a classroom full of hormonal teenagers (to list a few of my career highlights), I was afraid to spin my own fibre on my own wheel.

This seems so crazy to me because some unseen force has been pulling at me to spin for so long. Then to have a wheel and not use it seemed so , er, . . . odd? wasteful? fruitless? disturbed? (Pick one.) My solution? To try my drop spindle. (Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea!)

So last night at about 10pm I started digging the stuff out of the craft room. (Fibre? Check. Spindle? Check. Helpful illustrated book? Check. Courage? Check.)

Didn't get it figured it out. Can get it to twist but can't seem to get it to wind around the spindle and stay. (Spinning self-esteem? Out the window.)

I woke up this morning with drop spindle dropsy but still having the need to spin. I went back to my fibre, prepared it all for a nice smooth delivery and pulled the wheel into the living room. I set everything in front of my patio doors so I could enjoy the early spring sunshine while I worked. (Gotta make everything as appealing as possible to get over last night's set back.)

This is what I produced.

(Well, I'm impressed!)

I haven't had any lessons yet and I find reading about spinning to be kind of like reaading about classical music without having heard any. It's a viceral thing that needs to be felt and can only be explained after you've experienced it.

I'll keep trying, though, and I'll keep looking to my books and the internet for pointers. I think I'll be fine as I seem to be over the initial fear. How do I know? Because I can't wait to get home and spin some more!

Happy Spring Spinning, M


Susan said...

I know exactly what you are going through. As a new spinner, I have a stash of some lovely stuff that is waiting until I get better at spinning. I did suck up some courage and spin some of the stuff that is pretty, but not really fine - and I wanted to make it chunky and soft, so I am spinning it up really fast without worrying. It is very liberating. Have you checked out Furballs? She is in a spinning mood too - check it out if you want to see some pics of her fabulous drop spindles.

eyeleen said...

i know exactly how you feel. But good for you on getting the courge to try! I'm sure you're on your way to spinnng up some lovely stuff.

Jess said...

that looks fab! Love the photo and love the yarn.... I would be impressed, if it were my work!