Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bam! It's Thursday!

Whoa, time has seriously been flying this week! I guess it's because the kids are back in school and we only have 5 weeks left until their exams start. It's been crazy and exciting and a whirlwind of activity.

I have managed to finish the table runner from last week's projects. Here it is backed, quilted and bound.

I have one more quilt to finish - it's been sitting in my "to do" pile for about six, seven years now. I am feeling so motivated by the table runner and all the other sewing projects that I really want to get it finished.

Going for groceries and errands this weekend and will probably stop at the craft store for more quilting supplies.

I'm not a knitting traitor - honest. I just need the break is all. I'll be back to yarn in no time. As of yet, I'm not going to change the name of the blog to Bequilted.

Happy Thursday! M

Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Baby

And this time, it's not a dog! It's a new sewing machine and I am enjoying all the new little thingamajigs on it.

It has an automatic threader, 40 stitches, and all kinds of accessories. Very fun!

Made another (and the last) needle case this morning.

All needles are now encased in lovely quilted fabric wraps made by me!

I had to go south on Thursday to get Laddie neutered. While there, I did my shopping and that's when I picked up the new sewing machine.

Before I went, though, I finished up this table runner quilt top.

This was started years ago when I took a quilting class from a prissy quilt-shop lady. I hated the experience and it's taken me a while to pick up this fabric again. It's far from perfect but it was already nearly half done and I didn't rip anything out before I put it together. None the less, I am pleased with the result. Now I just need to back it and quilt it.

I have one more quilt that I started back then and the top is already done. I have the supplies to back it and quilt it so I'll get to it as soon as this table runner is done. Then I believe all my fabric guilt will be finally assuaged.

I have some scraps that I'm slowly going to turn into a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt but I should also be getting back to some knitting very soon.

It's funny how the spring always brings me back to quilting and sewing. I think it's just that after a long winter of knitting mittens and socks and hats, I need a bit of a break. Soon, though, I'll have to start up again so I can get a nice pile of winter woolens for sale in the fall.

Okay, that's enough blathering. I'm back to work on Monday and have to go in today to get prepped for it. Not that one can ever be ready for that upheaval! Ha!

Have a great weekend. M

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Closed, Open



That's my new carrying case for the sewing machine. Very cute!

This is a fuzzy picture of another dpn case for Mom. Love the red and white checks!

And because they are so cute, my babies - Molly and Laddie.

Gotta love a sunbath!

Happy Humpday, M

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More, More, More

Knitting Needle Cases. I think I have a lot of knitting needles that I need so many cases. I wish I could contradict that idea. But no.

Here's the very special fabric I was telling you about - hearts! Yeah for pretty hearts!

Then I made another one from Mary Englebrecht fabric. This is the outside.

This is the inside. How cute!

I'm making a sewing machine case today and a couple of more needle cases - one more for me and one for my Mom.

Happy Tuesday, M

Monday, April 17, 2006

Stash Busting

Only this time, it's a fabric stash busting not a yarn stash busting.

Two more baby blankets for two more pregnant students.

I love these bright fabrics. And, yes, it's an epidemic right now. Five girls in total and now I have enough blankets for all of them.

Another knitting needle case and don't you just love the fabrics for this one! Pretty flames all over!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to go get a new sewing machine this week as mine is seriously on it's last legs. Lovely old thing has served me well.

I'm also going to be taking a break from knitting for the rest of the week as I want to continue to use up these fabrics that I've had for ages. I was feeling sorry for all those projects that I dreamt of doing when I bought the stuff and then left in a bin for over a year. So, yahoo for me and my fabric, getting out of the closet! LOL!

Happy Spring Sewing, M

Friday, April 14, 2006

Holy Thursday? Good Friday!

I teach in a Catholic community - very Catholic. There's only one church and it's Catholic.

Accordingly, we get Holy Thursday off of work, in addition to Good Friday, like the rest of Canada. Plus, because I teach in Saskatchewan, I also get all of next week off, too. I know. Don't cry. You'll get some time off, too, . . . someday.

Anyway, this is what I've been doing with my time off.

Hung out with my friend, Patricia, and our sewing machines.

Made a baby raggy quilt for one of my students who's baby is due in July.

Made two baby tie blankets for two other of my students who are pregnant and due in July and September.

Made a dpn carrying case. This is my practice one.

Now that I know how the pattern works, I'm going to use some very special fabric and make another one. Because I love my dpn's so very, very much that they need their very own, special case. (Yes, I know it's a sickness. I just don't wish to change it right now.)

Happy Easter Crafting, M

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kitty Hat

Ever make something just because you wanted to try knitting it? You don't want to wear it. You don't even want to own it. You just want to knit it.

That's what this is.

I had to ask around to find someone that wanted it before I even started to knit it because I didn't want to own it, not even for a little while. So a woman I work with decided she wanted one in purple and voila.

Unfortunately, she didn't want to pose with it on. I guess she doesn't want it known that she owns such a thing either. None the less, it is knit and it is loved, however covertly.

Today is our last day of school before Easter break. No kids until April 24th. Woo hoo. I don't usually go anywhere for this week as it's a nice time to regroup and get everything in place for the last push to the end of the year.

Happy Easter Break Everyone, M

Monday, April 10, 2006


Made three hats. Got no pictures. Better luck next time.

Happy Monday, M

Saturday, April 08, 2006

From The Sick Bed

The humans in our house (namely me since I'm the only human here) have been hit by a weird cold/flu/allergy thing that has knocked me out since Wednesday, literally. Have finally surfaced to discover it is Saturday.

Regular updates should resume shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Check back soon, M

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Okay, Whoa! Where did this last week go?! Recuperating from my weekend shopping roadtrip, teaching, coaching soccer in a tournament, recuperating from coaching soccer, two community funerals, and spring cleaning. It's been a week alright!

It's also been a non-knitting week. I have orders for three hats, two of which are already in process but haven't even been out of the knitting basket since Tuesday. Or was that Monday?

On the kinda crafty side, I made a duvet cover yesterday out of two old duvet covers that had been shredded, chewed and otherwise disemboweled. Who could do such a thing you ask? Two puppies who shall remain nameless, that's who. I will tell you, though, that their names rhyme with Gemmett and Gladdie.

Other than that, I thought I'd post a picture of the sweater I've had my eye on for retread. It's a beautiful thing that I've had for years and have worn two, maybe three, times.

Right now I'm more interested in pulling this apart than putting anything together. I think it's a form of Spring Fever!

Lastly, if you don't live in Saskatchewan, I hope you all remembered to turn your clocks ahead one hour last night. Tomorrow there will be an increase in car accidents and other fatigue-related incidents on your way to work. Happens every year.

We don't do that here. We're on Daylight Savings all the time. The cows don't care what time the sun comes up, they just want to be milked!

Saskatchewan: The place where time stands still!

Happy Springing Forward, M