Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Okay, Whoa! Where did this last week go?! Recuperating from my weekend shopping roadtrip, teaching, coaching soccer in a tournament, recuperating from coaching soccer, two community funerals, and spring cleaning. It's been a week alright!

It's also been a non-knitting week. I have orders for three hats, two of which are already in process but haven't even been out of the knitting basket since Tuesday. Or was that Monday?

On the kinda crafty side, I made a duvet cover yesterday out of two old duvet covers that had been shredded, chewed and otherwise disemboweled. Who could do such a thing you ask? Two puppies who shall remain nameless, that's who. I will tell you, though, that their names rhyme with Gemmett and Gladdie.

Other than that, I thought I'd post a picture of the sweater I've had my eye on for retread. It's a beautiful thing that I've had for years and have worn two, maybe three, times.

Right now I'm more interested in pulling this apart than putting anything together. I think it's a form of Spring Fever!

Lastly, if you don't live in Saskatchewan, I hope you all remembered to turn your clocks ahead one hour last night. Tomorrow there will be an increase in car accidents and other fatigue-related incidents on your way to work. Happens every year.

We don't do that here. We're on Daylight Savings all the time. The cows don't care what time the sun comes up, they just want to be milked!

Saskatchewan: The place where time stands still!

Happy Springing Forward, M


Cai Stephan said...

I found you through ZenKnit and find myself bemused and bedelighted! :-) I will be visiting again!

BTW? I am the Stephanie half of Cai Stephan. I am an unpubbed romance writer as well as a new knitter. :-)

Pioggia said...

Bad puppies... It's a good thing their mom is so resourceful.

eyeleen said...

don't you love it when the puppies try and help? It's good you're very crafty and resourceful.

Life's a Stitch said...

I love the idea of all the time daylight savings time. Sure would make BC more bearable in the winter.

Tallguy said...

no matter what anyone says: Sask people are down-to-earth, and sensible!! The rest of the world is not so inclined!!

Be very careful of ripping out that sweater. It is lovely -- so wear it! You won't get much useful yarn out of the yoke area -- intarsia uses only short lengths! (how do I know, you ask??) You might add to it, or change the colour, or felt it and make something out of that! So many things you can do...