Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Baby

And this time, it's not a dog! It's a new sewing machine and I am enjoying all the new little thingamajigs on it.

It has an automatic threader, 40 stitches, and all kinds of accessories. Very fun!

Made another (and the last) needle case this morning.

All needles are now encased in lovely quilted fabric wraps made by me!

I had to go south on Thursday to get Laddie neutered. While there, I did my shopping and that's when I picked up the new sewing machine.

Before I went, though, I finished up this table runner quilt top.

This was started years ago when I took a quilting class from a prissy quilt-shop lady. I hated the experience and it's taken me a while to pick up this fabric again. It's far from perfect but it was already nearly half done and I didn't rip anything out before I put it together. None the less, I am pleased with the result. Now I just need to back it and quilt it.

I have one more quilt that I started back then and the top is already done. I have the supplies to back it and quilt it so I'll get to it as soon as this table runner is done. Then I believe all my fabric guilt will be finally assuaged.

I have some scraps that I'm slowly going to turn into a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt but I should also be getting back to some knitting very soon.

It's funny how the spring always brings me back to quilting and sewing. I think it's just that after a long winter of knitting mittens and socks and hats, I need a bit of a break. Soon, though, I'll have to start up again so I can get a nice pile of winter woolens for sale in the fall.

Okay, that's enough blathering. I'm back to work on Monday and have to go in today to get prepped for it. Not that one can ever be ready for that upheaval! Ha!

Have a great weekend. M


Pioggia said...

I like the needle case a lot. I love the rain and to think of colorful umbrellas just cheers me up. Congratulations on your new toy, may you enjoy hours and hours of fun with it.

Theresa said...

One of these years I so have to learn to sew.

Love the title of your blog, BTW. Stumbled across it on a rainy cold day of websurfing.

J. said...

it all looks good, what a nice new machine. I just bought one of those little tiny machines that only sews running stitch, it works well for little things and is easier than hauling out the big one.

I am in love with quilting all of a sudden, yours looks great

Tallguy said...

All those needle cases just makes me feel more quilty for not getting mine done. I've got fabric for several, but just haven't gotten down to make a pattern, or design the size I need.

Hey, do you think I can send you the fabric, the size of my needles,... no, guess not. Okay, I'll just have to do it myself, I suppose. :-(

Nice machine!!

Susan said...

The table runner looks fab. I love the colors. Spring makes me want to rule the world....knit, spin, sew, have a clean house (note I did not say clean) ;).

Life's a Stitch said...

Made me realize that my sewing machine is nearly 30 years old! I'm pretty attached to it, but a new one looks tempting,