Monday, April 17, 2006

Stash Busting

Only this time, it's a fabric stash busting not a yarn stash busting.

Two more baby blankets for two more pregnant students.

I love these bright fabrics. And, yes, it's an epidemic right now. Five girls in total and now I have enough blankets for all of them.

Another knitting needle case and don't you just love the fabrics for this one! Pretty flames all over!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to go get a new sewing machine this week as mine is seriously on it's last legs. Lovely old thing has served me well.

I'm also going to be taking a break from knitting for the rest of the week as I want to continue to use up these fabrics that I've had for ages. I was feeling sorry for all those projects that I dreamt of doing when I bought the stuff and then left in a bin for over a year. So, yahoo for me and my fabric, getting out of the closet! LOL!

Happy Spring Sewing, M

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