Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Annual Countdown

As a teacher, I find that the end of the year is worse for time crunches than the beginning of the year. This is my malady at the moment - too much to do, not enough time to do it make a sick, tired teacher.

We're just starting exams today. Grad is just over a week away. Life is still going at a break-neck pace.

On top of this, when relaxing hobbies are most crucial to keep the sanity of household in tact, I am struggling to fit any time in at all. However, I am near completion of a quilt and hope to have pictures by the weekend. (The author does not recommend you hold your breath waiting for those!)

Okay, well that's all there is time for today. If I'm not back in a few days, send out a search party. I recommend they check the supply room first, paying special attention to any large piles of books that I might be pinned under!

Happy Term End, M

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Flash! Who Was That Crazed Woman?

Just dropping by to do a mini post. My life is going too fast even for me right now.

Still trying to get in some quilting and knitting but mostly just trying to survive the schedule. Will post more as time permits.

Has anybody seen my organizer? I'm sure I left it around here somewhere.

Happy May, M

Thursday, May 04, 2006

See That?

That's what I woke up to yesterday morning. Snow. In May.

Am I crazy to live this far north? You may well ask. But no. This is unusual, even for here. Last week it was plus 25 degrees Celsius. Today we're barely cracking zero.

Crafting has pretty much ground to a halt this week. Graduation preparations, exams to prepare, final lessons to squeeze in, that pesky sleep thing.

Last night we held a bazaar to raise funds for this year's grad trip. Foolishly, I have agreed to drive 12 teenagers to Vancouver, entertain them for a week (that's right, seven whole days AND nights), and then drive them back. Please have the straight jacket ready for my arrival home.

Tonight, I'm meeting with next year's grads and parents to start our fundraising for next year's trip. Foolishly, I have agreed to take 11 teenagers to Paris for six days. Yes, I know. I think I've been dropped on my head recently.

So if you don't hear from me for a few days, it's probably because I'm catatonic. Until next time, happy . . . er . . . you're all still knitting right? Happy Knitting, M

Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday, Monday, Can't Stop That Day

I spent the weekend converting my second bedroom into a craft room.

It used to look like this.

Now it looks like this:

Much better use of space.

It took almost the two full days but I think it was worth it. Way more room in my kitchen and living room now, you know, where I used to do all my crafting. Now if I could just get a rocking chair for in there, it would be paradise!

And look, evidence of knitting.

Very little evidence, I know, but hope springs eternal for the second sock.

Have a great Monday! M