Saturday, July 01, 2006

Adventures Inc

I survived Grad Trip 2006 and lived to tell the tale!

Adventures abound when traveling nearly 2000km each way, with 11 teenagers.

Within the first few hours, we were stuck in a field full of mud!

And further down the road we got a flat!

But these things didn't keep us from being tourists - shown here at Mt. Robson.

At Hell's Gate, I had to ask them to please come away from the edge so I wouldn't have a heart attack!

Once in Vancouver, we saw all kinds of things. This was taken at Playland.

To answer the repeated question "Where are the big trees?", I took them to Stanley Park to show them this one.

Our last day in town found us at the Space Centre, with a big metallic crab (WHAT?!). We got to take a trip to Mars inside. Very cool.

All in all, I think they had a good time. The joy can be witnessed here.

I know I had fun!

Happy Travels, M

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Katie said...

Welcome back, I'm glad you guys had a lovley time in Vancouver.