Monday, July 10, 2006

It's A Monday

and so I apologize in advance for the Monday Morning look on my face in this photo but, still, you can see the orange bag handle very clearly.

I think I'll get through one more repeat of the braid and then be finished. Didn't get it done the other day, as I thought I would, because I was consumed by the quilt.

To make up for the lack of it in the previous picture, there's so much cutitude in this one that it speaks for itself.

My wee Molly girl. She's so sweet and so camera shy that whenever I do catch her, I have to post it. (She was sound asleep when I moved my arm to take this photo, couldn't hear anything but sensed the camera and nearly jumped up before I could snap. I'm thinking she was seriously traumatized by a camera sometime in her life before us.)

In other news, I've decided to accept the Sounds Like Canada (a cbc radio morning program) summer reading challenge. Jian Ghomeshi, the summer host of the show, is intending to read James Joyce's Ulysses and since I can get it online at Project Gutenberg, I can read it while knitting. It's easier for me to read off the screen than to prop up a book while I'm click-clacking away.

Forest Fire Update: On the third day of rain so evacuation alert lifted for our community. Thanks for asking.

So that's Monday at our house. Hope you have a great week. M

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