Monday, August 21, 2006

View From The River

Friday was our annual teacher fishing trip. Days such as these are an awe-inspiring reminder of why I love living here.

I have often imagined myself living and teaching in Africa, but with landscapes such as these right outside my door, why would I bother?

This is the start of the rapids where all the fish were ready to bite. I caught six myself!

Here's a shot of me filleting fish and getting them ready for dinner. Yum! I love fish.

I have to admit that I felt a bit like the Queen of the Nile.

I had a whole boat and guide to myself, along with a chair to sit on to keep me comfortable. As other boats passed by they got right into my fantasy and pretended to bow to me. Silly!

Have no fear, friends and family. I am not running off to Africa any time soon. No need and no desire at the moment. But never say never!

Happy fishing, M

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sunbeams and Stars

I could not resist this shot. It actually shows all five of my furry babies sharing a sunbeam.

Starting from the arm of the chair on the left and going clockwise, Saracat, Molly, Reuben, Emmett and Laddie.

And I've actually finished the quilt top for my Blanket of Stars, so I thought I'd share.

It has no borders or anything yet but I think it's still rather gorgeous.

I definitely prefer this kind of scrappy quilts instead of the identical block quilts. These are more interesting to me and I like to discover the details and nuances of them time and again, even as I'm making them.

Happy Friday, M

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mommy, sniffle, It's Over-r-r-r!

The summer is drawing to a close. Only a couple of days left before I must report for teacher orientation.

I swear I have no idea where the time went. I think it was eaten up by road trips and house hunting. There wasn't nearly enough summer reading, nor knitting, nor quilting, nor sleeping, nor . . . you fill in the blank.

I'm not ready to go back. I need just one more month. Please, another week. An extra few days? (Sniffling into my hanky.)

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job . . .

Happy what? M

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Our house is a very, very, very fine house, with four dogs in the yard . . .

The reason why I haven't been blogging a lot this summer, or even crafting as much as I usually do in my time off, is that I have been very consumed by all the things that go into buying a house.

The searching website listings, traipsing through strangers' homes, making offers and counter offers, the house inspections, . . . It's all finally done now and I am the proud owner of this little bungalow.

The subjects were removed today and except for a few more documents to sign for title transfer, etc, it's mine.

This is a very big step for a commitment-phobic person like me. It's the longest commitment I've ever made. It took a lot of brown-bag breathing to get through this whole process.

I take possession October 1st. I'm already planning paint and furniture. And, most importantly, a dog run and a craft room. "Screw the living room sofa, where's the spinning wheel going?"

Happy Nesting, M

Monday, August 07, 2006

Extreme Quilting

Okay. This post is for the hard-core quilter-types only.

I have just spent the better part of this day cutting out many, many squares.

Total squares: 97+56+42+304 = 499

I'm working on this quilt. Wish me luck with that.

Emmett, unlike his very hard working dog-mum, was lazing around in the sun - on. the. lounger.

Yeah. It's a dog's life.

Happy long weekend, M

Friday, August 04, 2006

I Love Saskatchewan

This is my home province and it is the coolest place on Earth. It has the loveliest surprises in the most surprising places.

For example, this little Ukranian Orthodox church is just along the side of the road near some small town.

We passed so many, I had to snap a pic to show you at least one!

Below is a pottery house, just off the highway near Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

It's on an old farm and this original farm house holds nothing but the pottery of Gerald Morton. He has built another house and a studio for himself so they don't take up any room in the potter house. It's kind of like a museum only you can buy the most splendid items at extremely reasonable prices.

I bought this teapot, bowl for apples, and cheeseplate (under the bowl), along with a new tea mug and a couple of other things. Most excellent finds!

In crafting, here's the pinky in the quilting process. Next is the applique. Wish me luck!

Hope you all have a very crafty weekend, M

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Love Pink

I am not a very girly-girl. See.
You Are 36% Girly
You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit.Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way.

But I do love this pink quilt top.

It needs to be quilted and then I have some applique to put on it but even in this preliminary stage, I love this pinky!

Happy Tuesday, M