Friday, August 18, 2006

Sunbeams and Stars

I could not resist this shot. It actually shows all five of my furry babies sharing a sunbeam.

Starting from the arm of the chair on the left and going clockwise, Saracat, Molly, Reuben, Emmett and Laddie.

And I've actually finished the quilt top for my Blanket of Stars, so I thought I'd share.

It has no borders or anything yet but I think it's still rather gorgeous.

I definitely prefer this kind of scrappy quilts instead of the identical block quilts. These are more interesting to me and I like to discover the details and nuances of them time and again, even as I'm making them.

Happy Friday, M


J. said...

wow a house...good for you. The babes are cute, the quilt is amazing and too am sad that school is about to start!

Katie said...

You were never one to color inside the lines, erm.. well just inside the lines anyway. I agree the scrap style is far more interesting. Quilts tell a story, and true patterns make for short stories.

Have you ever Read "Storys from Grandma's attick?" - a young girl visits her grandmother for the summer. While she's there her grandmother is making a scrap piece patchwork quilt, and tells stories to her grandaughter about her childhood, based on the fabric she is using.

Ma Read them too me when I was little, and I loved them. When Paul and I have kids I'm going to ask Ma to read them onto CD so they can listen to there grandmother read anytime they want too.