Monday, September 18, 2006

Listless in Blogland

Is the blogging craze starting to lag? drag? collapse? It seems to be for some of us knit bloggers.

I've noticed recently that many of the blogs I read regularly are starting to drop off on their postings - me included.

For myself, there are so many stressful things going on that I don't really want to use this space as a forum for whining and moaning. Crafting doesn't get done as much as I would like and blogging about crafting gets done even less because that would take away my precious and limited crafting time.

Perhaps things will pick up again as we all settle into our new school-year/autumn-turn-winter routines.

In the meantime, enjoy this link and check out the elephant cam!

The Elephant Sanctuary

Cheers, M


Katie said...

I think things such a blogging are tended too in waves. With the seasons a lot of things change, and a change in routine requires time to ajust. Things like blogs are practical until life is mostly ajusted. The blogging will pick up come true fall.

btchwstix said...

I tend to agree somewhat but now we are in to quality and not quantity. Missing all your knitting posts.

(I am not a quilter and the colour jealous green does not suit me)

BerryKnitty said...

agreed--sometimes I think I could blog everyday, but like to wait until there's something worth really blogging about so there tends to be lags between my postings.

SCarrGo said...

I am absolutely guilty of the whining posts...!

I agree with what you said about life just having too much going on right now--I'm crafting, but, just a few minutes a day because everything else in life takes over. I feel kind of guilty posting a photo of a sock that has grown only an inch in a week...boring!

Fall is funny, for me--always kind of a heady time, and the change in the air spurs a bit of chaos in my brain. Don't worry, Michelle! We'll settle in!