Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More SEX in Saskatoon

Just posting a few more pics of my Stash Enhancing Expedition in Saskatoon last week.

A really cute quilt kit . . .

which I chose because I love the bright colours.
(Plus I like it when I can be lazy and don't have to coordinate the fabrics myself.)

I also bought some lavender because I was missing the smell of fresh lavender on the patio this year. Fortunately, it coordinates nicely with this little fat quarter of fabric with a silvery moon on it. (I know, I know. Whatever I need to tell myself!)

And, finally, some pink and red sock yarn. Love that colour combo these days. I'm hoping to knit these for myself very soon. (Yeah, as soon as I get everything else done! But I can dream! )

Happy Wednesday Knitting, M

1 comment:

Susan said...

I love the bright colors. Didn't know Mode Dea did sock yarn. Gotta watch out for that!