Saturday, September 23, 2006

Noro Galoro

After reading Stacey's post about it here, I decided I need to knit this.

Here's my pile of Noro to help with the project. (Insert Smiley Face Here.)

I've been having a very rough start to my school year and decided I need to wrap myself in some love. Hence, the plan for a Lizard Ridge blanket and a whole bushel of Noro.

And since I was in the Noro section of my (somewhat local) LYS, I decided to go through the sale bin of Iro and Kochoran. Yummy and Yay for me!

Not sure what they're for yet, maybe a hat or two. Whatever they wind up as, I love just holding these babies.

Hope you're all having a knitty Monday, M

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