Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Notebook

No, not the movie. My notebook. My craft notebook.

It's a list of my stash items and things designated for projects. I updated it this morning. I'm embarrassed.

The page on the left is all the quilts I have fabric for. The page on the right is the first of three for my knitting stash. There's also another page for other craft projects.

The tally is as follows:
Quilts - 15 to do
Knitting - 52 to do, plus an uncounted pile of acrylics for sale items
Other - 13 to do

A little daunting is this list.

My response? Well, other than the two orders of yarn that are in the mail (pictures to come as they arrive), I've decided that I am on a crafting diet.

That's right. You heard it here first. I am not buying anymore crafting supplies until this list is down to at least 1/4 it's current size.

I may need to buy the occasional batting or thread in order to finish all the quilts. But nothing new. I'm hoping to maintain this resolution until Easter and that I will have gotten to my goal craft weight by then. Cross your fingers for me.

A symptom of this resolve is my current bout of startitis. I have three pairs of socks already on the go, along with three quilts in the quilting stage, and another one awaiting that stage. Two other quilts have already been cut and are in the sewing pile.

Here's a picture of my coffee table full of the socks, just to prove my commitment.

Maybe I should put some kind of counter in my side bar to track my progress. I'll have to look into that as soon as I get a chance.

Happy Crafting, M


Katie said...

You are a better woman than I. Good luck with that!

SCarrGo said...

Good luck, Michelle! I'm kind of working the same angle with sock yarn at the moment--"Everything must go!" You'll feel better in the end, right?

superstar said...

good picture