Sunday, October 15, 2006


My Noro Transitions scarf is - as in a tire tread.

See the reversible pattern that I borrowed from The Yarn Harlot.

Because my scarf is only 10 stitches wide, it gives me two repeats, and, thus, a tire tread pattern. I think it's cool.

Friday's mail brought me my final delivery of yarn (yes, I mentioned the two still in transit during my diet post and this is the last, no nagging please!).

It's Classic Elite in a gorgeous soft pink that I brought from Amanda during her stash-busting sale. She was planning on making Ruffles from Scarf Style and I'm going to carry out that plan. I am quite excited by it.

So now all my stash is actually here and I've knocked off another project. I am definitely making good progress.

My friend, Maegan has asked me to make her a messenger bag. A most excellent use of stash, I figure. I'm thinking of using this pattern from knitty. What do you think, Maegers?

Happy Stashbusting Sunday, M


maegers said...

sweeeeeeeeeeet. I love it love it love it! Just what I need! I'm so excited!

BerryKnitty said...

I love the scarf--the patterning is really neat--just like a tire tread.