Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wrapped In Love

My dear friend, Katie, sent me some yummy Adagio teas to help get me through this yucky autumn.

I also received some yummy yarn, spun by Jacey over at Insubordiknit. I ordered it from kpixie, along with some monster needles from Yarn Rescue.

I've worked most of the weekend on quilts. I'm calling this one Dotty.

I've also started a new scarf from the Noro Iro but I don't have a picture of that one yet.

Hope you're all having a great weekend. M


Katie said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the tea. Sorry I can't cheer you up in person. The needles rock, and I think I might just have to get some for myself!


Pioggia said...

Oh, how much I have missed. The quilting! The stash expeditions! The signing off your own home! By the way, congratulations, may you and your furry friends enjoy your new home.

BerryKnitty said...

yummy yarn and tea--how can you beat that!