Friday, November 17, 2006

All But One

This is Dudley.

He's the only one of the puppy pack that keeps coming back. The rest have been sent on their way.

He is terribly cute and so playful. But he is still a puppy and I don't have room for anymore at my house. So unless someone claims him before next Friday, I'll be dropping him off at the SPCA when I go to Saskatoon.

I'm sure he'll get adopted quickly because he is such a charmer. Couple this with his cuteness and he's very hard to resist. Trust me, I know.

My dogs are not as easily impressed. They find him completely resistable and somewhat annoying. Especially since he wants to sit ON the food bin to keep them all away from it . . . like he owns it or something. The cheek of that guy!

They keep lecturing him but he's just not listening. Imagine that! A puppy that doesn't listen? We've never had any of those before! Ha!

Happy Friday Knitting, M

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