Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is It Cheating?

I ordered this book a month ago and it finally came in last Friday. I've read wonderful things about it on several blogs and hope it will help me with my spinning.

So my rationalization for this deviation from the craft diet is this: I need it to help me use up my craft supplies, especially in the spinning department.

Besides, is it really cheating? It's not technically craft supplies. I don't think I mentioned that I was going on a book diet. At least not yet.

Knitting has been on the skids this week. I have been trying to make another pair of pick pockets since Monday and it's been a tangle. I've pulled them apart three times and am finally getting to it today. Considering it takes me less than an hour to make one, I think I've spent about four hours on just the left hand.

I blame it on my knitting injury - yeah, that sore wrist. That's what it is. Sure.

My, but I am good at the fine art of evasion today.

Happy Saturday Knitting, M


Katie said...

Books most defiantly do not count!

When crafters suffer from wrist pain, you are usually talking about tendonitis!

Bend your arm at the elbow, so your wrist is by your shoulder. Take your other hand and feel the bottom of your forearm, and push down on the tendon a little with four fingers. If the tendon is really hard and tender, or you feel more pain in your wrist, you probably have tendonitis! At this point, push down with a constant force with those four fingers, and do the royal wave (omitting the “wrist, wrist, wrist” movement). You may or may not feel this affecting your wrist at the time, but wait until tomorrow to cast judgment. Everyone I know who I have given this trick too, thinks nothing of it the first day, and then starts praising it the second.

You will also want to ice not only your wrist but that area where you have been applying pressure. If you feel pain further up the tendon (I have it all the way up my arm, across my shoulder and down my back) then you will want to ice those areas too.

Adding some anti-inflammatory to the mix can really help you gain control (remember to take with milk to save your stomach), while continuing with the massaging and icing can help you maintain tendon health.

Cripplor the destroyer

Pioggia said...

My, Dudley certainly is cute! He'll surely be adopted. I'm glad you're not making the mistake of keeping him. I made that mistake once, and it broke my heart when my puppy had to be turned to the shelter after I had already bonded with her.

I do hope that you recover from your knitter's wrist. I'm not sure if spinning will help, but doing something else is worth trying.

Anonymous said...

Books do not count! You need that resource in order to be able to use up all of your other materials...;-)