Monday, November 27, 2006

Photo Gallery

Finally some pictures of all the crafting that has been accomplished of late.

A quilt top I finished Sunday evening. It's based on this quilt over at Quiltville.

I'm calling it Cherry Bricks because of all the cherries and reds in the fabrics.

I finally got a picture of Gabby and her pick pockets on Monday morning.

Because of the angle of the shot, she looks like she has enormous hands. She doesn't. She made me say that.

Plus a shot of the scarf I mentioned last post. I was wrong about the colourways, though. One is Purple Iris, as I mentioned, but the other is Watercolour.

It's lovely no matter what the colours are called.

Then we have one of the mittens done for Toni.

I've had a nasty time trying to get the other one done, though. I really should remember to right down the decreases as I do them on the first mitten. Because I'm making the pattern up as I go, the second mitten has been having issues with matching to the first. :P

Finally, I got two new organizers for under the coffee table. They help to keep the knitting from taking over the living room but also keep current projects within reach. Perfect! (Please excuse Emmett's nose in the top right hand corner.)

Okay, well that's my gallery tour for the day. Haven't done anything crafy since Sunday but hoping to get something accomplished this evening.

Happy Tuesday, M

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