Saturday, November 11, 2006

Trena Socks

Another project off the needles. So named for my friend, Trena, the recipient.

Update on the puppies:
The Mum-dog left the pups behind on my doorstep for two days and two nights. I, of course, let them sleep in the porch so they wouldn't freeze to death. I managed to catch one and send him to the SPCA in Saskatoon with a friend. The others have been sent back to the original owners, thanks to info from my students. If they wander back to my house, I'll probably wrangle them up and send them all to the SPCA. I'd rather they took their chances at being adopted than having to watch them freeze/starve to death in front of my eyes.

It's a snowy, quiet winter's day here and I've spent the morning doing housework, sealing up the windows to drafts, cleaning up the puppy mess in the porch. Now I'm going to sit down with some yummy movies and a lot of knitting in my lap.

Happy Weekend Knitting, M

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