Monday, November 13, 2006

Winter Came Anyway

Even though I didn't get a scarf made for me yet. Still, it's awfully pretty around here.

A parent commented the other day that I was wearing a non-knitted tartan scarf and, as a knitter, am I not required to wear a knitted one. I'm still looking through the Knitting Rule Book about that one.

In knitting (er, maybe, non-knitting) news, remember this:

I loved working on this back in January. I picked it up again this weekend. With my out-of-practice fingers, things got tight . . . and messy . . . and blech.

Now it looks like this:

I will definitely try it again, and soon, but for now, it's been ripped.

Part of this weekend's organizing, resting, crafting buzz was to tidy up the craft room, let some projects go, finish up some others, filling an order or two. Very successful, in those terms.

I still have a few more things to clear up but I'm hoping by the end of next weekend that I'll be able to start a couple of new things. Or more likely, I'll start them whether the other ones are finished or not! :p

Alright then, I guess I better get on with this day.

Happy Monday, M


Katie said...

You are doning so well, don't fall off the wagon now. Have you actually reached your goal of completed projects yet???

You have been my insparation to work on my craft list and not add things to it until sertain things are done, which will be well after the 1st. Don't abandon me now!


P.S. I wish we had snow... :-(

Pioggia said...

Sorry about the ripped mitt, I thought it was very pretty. I'm glad the puppies are being taken care of and they are not your responsibility anymore.