Monday, January 22, 2007

Tea and Toast

I'm sick. Really, really, knock-me-down-and-watch-me-sleep-for-22-hours-a-day, sick. No knitting, no reading, no working sick.

When I get enough of a bug to wipe me out like this, I am the world's biggest baby. I whine, I cry, I fret, I am generally a pain in the butt for anybody near me.

My current living situation makes TLC difficult to obtain. My only roommates are four lovely, well-meaning dogs. Hard as they try, though, I really need more than hairy, albeit warm, cuddles, and a reminder to walk/feed them regularly.

If I could just figure out how to train them to make tea and cinnamon toast, I'd settle for that.

Love me, love my dogs, M

Friday, January 19, 2007

Is It Friday Already?

Earlier in the week, I was asking if it was Friday yet. Today, as I look at my posting for this week, I'm now asking if it is Friday already.

I have zero craft content again. Three nights in a row of hockey canteens at the arena and life is a blur.

So for a little furry filler, here's our Reuben (left) and our Molly, chillaxing on the bed!

Happy Friday, M

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Posting On The Run

Just a quick note to say "hey."

Life is busy.

Thawing out water pipes on Sunday. Life in the north is grand!

Unloading chem lab supplies this afternoon. Woo hoo! I can finally do labs with my chem students!!!

Hockey canteen tonight. Go Pee Wee Boys!

Teaching in between. Today a student said, "This is cool! I wish you had been my math teacher in Prince Albert." It warms my little geek heart!!!

These are the activities that keep me running.

Crafting at a stand still for the moment although two new baby blankets on the sewing table awaiting further processing since Saturday. Two new babies due next month - one to a previous grad, one to a grad from this year.

Hope your life keeps you busy in the best ways! M

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's A "Cold Day"

Here in northern Saskatchewan, we don't close the school for snow. Never. That would be like closing schools in Vancouver for rain, or schools in Los Angeles for smog. Doesn't happen.

However, we do close for cold. It's minus 49 degrees Celsius today. (Minus 56 degrees for our Fahrenheit friends.)

Fortunately for us in the north, we didn't get the blizzard that hit communities in the southern part of the province.

One of my coworkers has a son that manages a store in Saskatoon. He had to look after 40 people that couldn't get home from the store last night. Fortunately, being a grocery store, they were warm and well fed, which can't be said for many people stuck in their vehicles in ditches.

It was a horrific night for many, as close as two hours drive south. There were even fatalities.

In other parts of the country this winter, people are being reminded of something that we in Saskatchewan are always aware of - Don't mess with Mother Nature. She doesn't fool around!

Hope you're all keeping warm, M

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Holy Streams of Seams, Batman!

There was a lot of seaming going on at beknitted lately.
It's an awfully pretty pile of pinks.

Yes, these are all for my prairie backroads quilt from the last post.

I have a knitting pic, too. Pink camo socks, if you please!

School holidays are now over and I'm back to work. I have to say I'm glad of it, too, because I was getting a little cabin fever by the time this weekend rolled around. I'm happy to see the students and they're happy to be back, raring to get another semester under way. Let's hope we can keep our enthusiasm up through the next 19 weeks.

Happy Tuesday Stitching, M

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Prairie Sunrise Roads

Here's a pic of my first block for the Oklahoma Backroads quilt. It's not precise but it's very pretty.

I'm using pinks/corals for the darks and creams for the lights. I'm calling it my Prairie Sunrise quilt.

As you can see below, a Saskatchewan sunrise has all these colours in it.

I took this shot last Saturday on my way in to meet my Mom.

And lastly today, I have to show you a pic of my lovely Emmett. He loves to sit at my feet while I'm sewing or working on the computer. Such a good boy.

I'm hoping if I say that enough, both he and I will actually begin to believe it! Hah!

Okay, well, I guess I better get back to some sewing. Only a couple of days left before school starts again.

Happy Saturday, M

Friday, January 05, 2007

Funny Like That

Yesterday, I finished cutting all the pieces for the Oklahoma Backroads quilt that I mentioned in my last post. Then I remembered that I still had one cut but not sewn together. So I worked on that one instead. Yeah, it's weird sometimes how the mind works.

With some inspiration from this book,

I made this square.

And now I have this centre of a quilt.

I bought this set of fabrics in the summer before I realized that I prefer scrappy quilts. None the less, I think it's very cute. I love that bright red and there's just something about red roses on blue backrounds that attracts me. Not gonna fight it, just gonna go with it.

You know you have a touch of obsession when you wake up thinking about a quilt. I was working this one out before I even opened my eyes. Yes, it's an addiction but then I've mentioned that before!

Happy Friday sewing, M

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well . . . I Tried My Best

I almost made it through the shopping trip with no stash enhancing. Really I did.

I managed to keep it down to only one item, though. It had such a strong pull that I couldn't resist it. And it was the post-Christmas sales. And if I could think of any other justifications, I would insert them here. :)

You're going to think I'm a bit touched when you see what broke my resolve but temptations can be like that.

It's pink camo yarn from Bernat.
I am so drawn to pink camo and I can't explain it. I like it in fabric, in clothes, in everything I've seen so far but I had never purchased any of it before. When I saw it in this yarn, I absolutely could not resist. I'm weak, I know.

But see the cutesy socks I've started. Love it!

As things turned out, Mom came here for a few days instead of us staying in Prince Albert. You can see that Emmett was positively thrilled to have her here. They snuggled together lots and lots.

During our visit, I did manage to get some cutting done for a new quilt top. There are 554 pieces here so far and that's only half of what I'll need. It was an all day job to get them done.

I'm going to make Oklahoma Backroads from Quiltville. In case you hadn't noticed, I seriously enjoy making Bonnie's quilts. She explains them so well and they come out with such beautiful results. I highly recommend the site if you're interested in starting or renewing your own quilting.

I think my quilts are becoming quite appreciated by a discerning few. Reuben seems to think that Butterfly Garden is very comfy.

Awww, such gratuitous canine cutitude.

Well, that just about catches things up around here these days. I'm off to do housework and then sit down to some crafty fun.

Happy New Year, M