Friday, January 05, 2007

Funny Like That

Yesterday, I finished cutting all the pieces for the Oklahoma Backroads quilt that I mentioned in my last post. Then I remembered that I still had one cut but not sewn together. So I worked on that one instead. Yeah, it's weird sometimes how the mind works.

With some inspiration from this book,

I made this square.

And now I have this centre of a quilt.

I bought this set of fabrics in the summer before I realized that I prefer scrappy quilts. None the less, I think it's very cute. I love that bright red and there's just something about red roses on blue backrounds that attracts me. Not gonna fight it, just gonna go with it.

You know you have a touch of obsession when you wake up thinking about a quilt. I was working this one out before I even opened my eyes. Yes, it's an addiction but then I've mentioned that before!

Happy Friday sewing, M

1 comment:

Susan said...

I like it. Is it a modified log cabin? I love log cabin quilts. The colors make it look vintage. What do you think about that book?