Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Holy Streams of Seams, Batman!

There was a lot of seaming going on at beknitted lately.
It's an awfully pretty pile of pinks.

Yes, these are all for my prairie backroads quilt from the last post.

I have a knitting pic, too. Pink camo socks, if you please!

School holidays are now over and I'm back to work. I have to say I'm glad of it, too, because I was getting a little cabin fever by the time this weekend rolled around. I'm happy to see the students and they're happy to be back, raring to get another semester under way. Let's hope we can keep our enthusiasm up through the next 19 weeks.

Happy Tuesday Stitching, M


La Tea Dah said...

Happy "back to school"! I remember this as the "long haul" of teaching --- from Christmas to Easter holiday --- but alot of learnng can take place without the interuption of more holidays and days off. What subject do you teach?

:) LaTeaDah

BerryKnitty said...

I love the pink socks! They're great.

Pioggia said...

I love those tiny roses on one of your quilts. You do have talent and good taste when choosing fabrics. Good luck with your classes.