Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's A "Cold Day"

Here in northern Saskatchewan, we don't close the school for snow. Never. That would be like closing schools in Vancouver for rain, or schools in Los Angeles for smog. Doesn't happen.

However, we do close for cold. It's minus 49 degrees Celsius today. (Minus 56 degrees for our Fahrenheit friends.)

Fortunately for us in the north, we didn't get the blizzard that hit communities in the southern part of the province.

One of my coworkers has a son that manages a store in Saskatoon. He had to look after 40 people that couldn't get home from the store last night. Fortunately, being a grocery store, they were warm and well fed, which can't be said for many people stuck in their vehicles in ditches.

It was a horrific night for many, as close as two hours drive south. There were even fatalities.

In other parts of the country this winter, people are being reminded of something that we in Saskatchewan are always aware of - Don't mess with Mother Nature. She doesn't fool around!

Hope you're all keeping warm, M

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Kathy said...


:: gulp ::

It's -1 here and I thought I was cold! Yikes.

Hope you're staying warm and toasty.