Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well . . . I Tried My Best

I almost made it through the shopping trip with no stash enhancing. Really I did.

I managed to keep it down to only one item, though. It had such a strong pull that I couldn't resist it. And it was the post-Christmas sales. And if I could think of any other justifications, I would insert them here. :)

You're going to think I'm a bit touched when you see what broke my resolve but temptations can be like that.

It's pink camo yarn from Bernat.
I am so drawn to pink camo and I can't explain it. I like it in fabric, in clothes, in everything I've seen so far but I had never purchased any of it before. When I saw it in this yarn, I absolutely could not resist. I'm weak, I know.

But see the cutesy socks I've started. Love it!

As things turned out, Mom came here for a few days instead of us staying in Prince Albert. You can see that Emmett was positively thrilled to have her here. They snuggled together lots and lots.

During our visit, I did manage to get some cutting done for a new quilt top. There are 554 pieces here so far and that's only half of what I'll need. It was an all day job to get them done.

I'm going to make Oklahoma Backroads from Quiltville. In case you hadn't noticed, I seriously enjoy making Bonnie's quilts. She explains them so well and they come out with such beautiful results. I highly recommend the site if you're interested in starting or renewing your own quilting.

I think my quilts are becoming quite appreciated by a discerning few. Reuben seems to think that Butterfly Garden is very comfy.

Awww, such gratuitous canine cutitude.

Well, that just about catches things up around here these days. I'm off to do housework and then sit down to some crafty fun.

Happy New Year, M

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Susan said...

I wouldn't have been able to resist it either. I love pink yarn, red too. That fabric stack is huge! I just found that quilting site yesterday. Seriously dangerous quilting bookmark (as in I want/NEED to make a lot of them).