Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Cold, More Crafts

It's another cold day in our neighbourhood. Chad and Sarabeth are playing computer games this afternoon. I tried to convince them to make some fabric valentines like I saw over here but they went running in the other direction. Apparently, that was a little over the top for two teenagers.

Instead of valentines, I decided to work on another special project of appreciation. (There's a bit of a back story so stay with me.)

Recently, Andrea had the daunting task of helping to move her mother into a seniors' home. In sorting through her mother's belongings, she found an enormous bag of yarn that had not been touched in years. She also found a large collection of knitting needles and crochet hooks. They generously donated these things to support my yarn habit.

I went through the bag and separated out some colours that I thought my friend, Verna, might like and put together a yarn parcel for her. Hope you like it, Verna!

Another pass through and I found a few early-stage projects. I asked Andrea if she would like me to finish them and give them to her and/or her mom, or if she would like me to make her something else from the supplies.

What she did ask for was a quilted wall-hanging for her Mom's room in the seniors' home, something to dress the place up. With nothing for a guide except a blue bedspread, I chose the Happy Scrappy Houses from Bonnie.

I've been wanting to make something with this block for a while now so I'm glad I have a good excuse to play with it. I'm thinking I'll do two rows of three houses, half in light blue, half in navy, and see how it turns out.

I'll post more as I progress but I have to say that it warms my heart to be able to do something for my friends.

Hope you're keeping warm today, too. M

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