Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Morning

Wow, I'm one seriously tired crafter this morning. Too much grey weather these past few days. Not enough green vegetables. Add them up and you get a tired me.

Good thing I finished this baby quilt yesterday. Notice the sheep fabric? How cute is that?

My student Jana had a baby boy on Thursday so this one is for him.

I am a bit sick fo doing baby blankets right now. But I have a couple of weeks before the next one is due so maybe I'll make some socks or something for now. Or work on a quilt that isn't made of cutesy fleece.

Hope you're all having a sunny day, M


eyeleen said...

I love the green sheep! You're very productive with all these quilts.

Pioggia said...

So, how many quilts do you think you complete per year? Just curious.

Dharia said...

i love the sheep fabric! do you know if its still available? where did you get it?