Friday, February 09, 2007

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Zooming right along here. I didn't even have time to recharge the camera batteries before these were done.

They are seriously cute, aren't they? I'm trying to find a sashing fabric to go with but I'm a bit stimied right now. I prefer much less colour coordinated fabrics but I know Andrea doesn't so I'm trying to subdue my, er, shall we say, "less conservative" side. (Yeah, that's a nice way to put that I'm more bohemian and prefer it when stuff doesn't matchy matchy like the magazines.)

In truth, it just about killed me to have three of each of the blue fabrics. I would have prefered them all to be different colours and fabrics but I'm trying to consider the recipient here. Or at least the recipient's daughter.

It's another school-closure cold day here. Chad is still snoring away and I'm off to dig in the fabric bins for some sashing, backing and binding fabric.

I hope you're all having a most excellent Friday, M

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