Monday, March 12, 2007

It's All Relative!

My friend, Katharyn, sent me an email card from Lion Brand Yarn. It's so cute and so me that I had to share it.

If you haven't seen the site already, you should check it out. Lovely!

Yesterday, I finished the other green mitten for Dulaan and started this vest in a pale green Lopi.

On Saturday, I took a jaunt down to Meadow Lake for groceries, a vet visit for Reuben and a few other errands. I have to admit that I broke my fabric diet but the two pieces I got were so worth it! I'll post pics of them later.

As I was leaving the craft store, I actually felt really bad about breaking my diet. I wish I felt that bad when I broke other diets!

Happy Monday morning, M


eyeleen said...

I just love Einstein!

Katie said...

That vest is so cute! Looks very warm too!