Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Math

Take one ever-climbing black cat in a very small house with limited window perches.

Add one quilter who has been kicked out of her crafting room to make way for the teenager and is cutting on the kitchen table.

And you get two bloody fingers with a lot of censored curse words.

Yes, our Dayton jumped on the kitchen table to reach his perch in front of the window. He collided with my hand as I was about to make a cut. Neither of us was happy about the outcome - he didn't get to the window, I bled on the denim.

Feeling sorry for myself, I made some chocolate chip banana bread. Mmm, chocolatey goodness eases pain and distress.

I snacked on it while I cut stars for applique on the denim quilt.

Next time we will discuss the formula for stressing out the teacher with hot coffee, sunny spring days and bad attitudes. Caution - do not where white for this demonstration.

Happy Thursday, M


La Tea Dah said...

I'm so sorry about your cut fingers. You probably scared the cat half to death! The stars are really nice --- great shape. I think they'll look beautiful on denim!

Happy quilting! And enjoy the teen-ager. You know, they grow up too soon and then you'll get your crafting room back. :)

Pioggia said...

That's really bad. Are you OK now? I hope that kitty has learned a lesson.