Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring? Yeah, Whatever.

Yes, I know. Yesterday was the first full day of spring.

I have noticed that other bloggers are writing about the thaw and the little green sprouts peering out of the earth, blooms threatening all over the place.

But in the comments from my last post, Eyeleen said "That's a lot of snow!" It made me realize that spring for us in northern Saskatchewan is far different than for anybody south of the 52nd parallel.

This fact, and other bloggers fascination with warm and green, inspired me to take some photos this morning.

My bedroom window is the one behind the pile of snow.
My neighbour's house.

Our school yard and the lake beyond.

Despite all this white, fluffy stuff, we have our own signs of spring. Yesterday the temperature rose to 0 degrees Celsius (32 for Fahrenheit users) and there was bright sunshine. With the sun, there was melting going on. With the melting, there was much excitement and many flying snowballs from the kids.

So we have signs of spring here, too. They're just different.

And later.

And slower.

But they are very much appreciated. Maybe even more so because we know that our winters are tiresomely long and our springs painfully short.

While we wait for it, though, I think I'll just avoid any of those inconsiderate blogs that are showing their daffodils and go to the hockey tournament this weekend.

Happy Thursday, M


J. said...

hmm, blogger ate my comment - no worries there are no flowers here yet - our snow is just leaving - again, it like to come and go here but I think that this is it this time. Happy slow melt to you

eyeleen said...

That really is a lot of snow, but then again, I live in city that threatens to shut down when we accumulate 2 inches of the white stuff. ;-) Happy Spring Melt to You!