Sunday, March 11, 2007

Up For It

There have been a few people interested in the Dulaan Twenty Challenge so I thought I would just acknowledge their efforts here.

Angela is committed to 20.
Eyeleen is volunteering 10.
Katie is stepping up with another 10.

Ryan has also had a few takers over on her blog.

Thanks so much, Knitters. I think Dulaan 2007 is going to be the best one yet.

If anyone else wants to join in, it's never too late!

As for me, I didn't post my knitting progress for a couple of days because I wanted to leave the challenge up for any late readers. But I have been knitting and I'm feeling very gung-ho about it still.

Here's evidence:

Two and a half pairs of mittens. The second green will be finished by the end of today. Actually they're quite little so probably by the end of the morning.

I am having fun trying to fill my box. In my own mind, it's also a bit of a race to see if I can get them done before Easter break. I've made myself a deal that if I can finish the Dulaan knitting by then, I'll quilt for the entire ten holidays. Yeah, I'm just that kind of obsessed crafter - my reward for full-on crafting is more crafting. Like you're any different! Just try to deny it!

Hope you're all having a brilliant Sunday, M

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eyeleen said...

lovely mittens, so cute! !0 days of crafting osund like heaven! I envy you.