Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Weird and Wonderful

First the weird.

Chad was out running errands yesterday afternoon. He was taking so long that I thought he must have stopped at a friend's house and lost track of the time while playing X-box Live. He has done that on occasion so I wasn't overly worried. I wasn't overly happy about it but I wasn't overly worried.

In hindsight, I wish he'd been playing games with his friends.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of friends and neighbours, both Chad and the truck are healthy and happy. Chad is a little reluctant to drive in the winter again but I've almost got him convinced that he needs to get back on that horse.

Now some wonderful.

I got a chance to lay out the blocks for my Prairie Roads quilt.

Isn't it fabulously gorgeous? I adore the colours. It really looks like a prairie sunset to me. Ahhh, happy is a beautiful quilt made by my own two hands.

And still more of the wonderful.

This arrived in the mail today.

My dear friend, Zanzara, sent me a beautiful little table loom and an amazing book for beginning weavers, accompanied by a lovely note of encouragement.

I have been thinking of getting a loom since I got back from Ireland in 2004. Having had the chance to do some traditional weaving while there, I fell in love with the process. During a recent and unexpected conversation with Zanzara, I mentioned that it was my next major equipment addition. Lo and behold, she had this lovely little one that needed a new home. Now it's here in my home. I love the way the universe works sometimes!

Here's hoping you get a little wonderful and a little less weird in your life this week. M

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eyeleen said...

I'm glad that Chad and the truck are OK. That's a whole lot of snow!

Love the colors on your prairie quilt. and enjoy your new Loom! I'm sure you'll have pencil in more crafting time into your busy schedule.