Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Zud, Zud, Zud (sung to the car jingle)

Oh, look! Another Zud for the Dulaan Project. They do go together very quickly and are a great way to use up some bulk yarns in the stash.

And I am all about the stash busting these days, which means that Dulaan is going to get a whole box full from me this year, not just a few pieces here and there like the last couple of years.

I started a pair of mittens for them this morning before work . Another stash project using two dk-weight yarns my mom found at Value Village, (also known as the VV boutique for those who don't wish to admit they shop there). They are brand new skeins with their tags still on, and let me tell you, those suckers are old (I could tell by the tags) but the fibre is still lovely and fresh.

For those of you who may not know, I have had issues with finding a good versatile mitten pattern for some time now. I have been searching and struggling to find one that I could adapt for which ever yarn weight or hand size I had to work with.

In another desperate attempt, I was going through my pattern collection last night and decided to check out my vintage collection. (It must have been the vintage yarn that inspired me.)

Lo and behold! Look what I found there.

It is exactly what I needed and now, no more mitten madness.

It has child sizes from 2-12, plus adult S-M-L. It also includes gauges for six different weights of yarns, easy to follow instructions and a few helpful hints. All this in a two-page flyer that originally cost 40 cents. It warms my little vintage-loving heart!!! (I was so seriously born in the wrong era!)

You know, there are days when I am hit fully in the face by my "knitter" status. This is one of them. I am blowing my own mind with my mitten problem, my vintage knitting pattern collection, the size of my stash and my own joy thinking about all these things together.

Hoping you find your own inner knitter, M
ETA: Thanks to Marti for double checking my links. It's fixed now and you can access the current Dulaan website.


Marti said...

I clicked on the link for the Dulaan project, and the mailing details seemed to reference 2005 (i.e., all things received after the deadline would be shipped in 2006). Is it still active? Seems like a wonderful charity to knit for.

Thanks, Marti

Michele said...


Since you delurked on my blog today, I thought I'd come see yours but yours is blocked. Please send me a link to where you are.

Thanks, Michele

eyeleen said...

Cute little zud hat, there will be lots of warm heads this year beacuse of you.