Monday, April 09, 2007

Nicely Nicely, Thank You

I've got Guys and Dolls in the dvd player right now, hence the title. I love to sing along with old musicals while I craft.

As promised, I am posting pictures of some of the nicelies in my life right now.

First, a denim block with star applique.

I hand appliqued it and if I continue with this method, it'll be awhile before I finish. I may switch to machine applique to speed things up.

While in the south last week, I treated myself to a gor-ge-ous new sewing machine for my upcoming 40th birthday. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

It's a Janome 6019QC and I am so in love with it. It came with quilting feet and accessories and was on sale for 30% off the regular price. I bought it at Northgate Sewing Centre in Regina (sorry, no link as no website).

It's smooth, quiet and a joy to sew with and I've already made this with it:

It's from four Moda Sweet Hearts charm packs that I purchased at Peachtree Heirlooms quilt store in Regina (attached to the Northgate Sewing Centre). The ladies in there were fantastic helpers with all my quilting questions and if you're ever in the area, seek them out. They are great!

I didn't follow any pattern, just pieced them together with the reds in one corner and the browns in the opposite corner. I love piecing without a pattern and charm packs don't even require that I spend any sewing time cutting. I did mention that I'm a lazy quilter, right?

Today I'm putting on the borders and will post another photo later.

Well, I must get back now. Can't leave my new baby alone too long or I start suffering from withdrawl.

Happy sewing, M

P. S. If you noticed that I conveniently glossed over the fact that I totally blew the craft diet, you don't need to bring it to my attention. I know it. I wish I felt guilty about it. But I don't. Can't help it. I love it all too much to feel guilt. GRIN!

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eyeleen said...

Beautiful Quilt! Enjoy the sewing machine!

And Happy Birthday!