Sunday, July 15, 2007

Garden of Leftovers

As many of you know, I bought this house last summer but didn't get to move into until June this year.

Unfortunately, because I've been busy unpacking and getting ready for a new job, the garden is being studiously ignored this year. Next year, it will get my full attention, but this year, I'm resisting it's call so I can get everything else done.

None the less, there are some beautiful little finds out there that I had to take pix of, for posterity sake.

The raspberries have been trying to take over about a quarter of the yard. They grow like weeds!

There's also a pretty little rose bush beside the house. It's a keeper.

Also a few hollyhocks in various spots around the property.

And this lovely blue flower that I have seen before but have no idea what it's called. If anyone knows what it is, please feel free to leave me a clue in the comments.

There's also a few dead things that need to be removed, but like I said, next spring will have to suffice.

The only thing I'm trying to get done this summer is the building of a new fence.

This is proving problematic, though, as construction is very short handed in this province so I may not be able to get one built until late September. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.

Happy gardening, M

1 comment:

BerryKnitty said...

ahh, do the raspberries ever grow like weeds!!
Glad to see you've moved in!