Friday, July 13, 2007

Whatever Happened To . . .

The Dulaan Challenge that I issued back in March? Well obviously I didn't finish it personally with my inability to sit for all those months. Bummer.

But . . . my Mom, the fiendish knitter, took up the gauntlet for me. She took my items (three pairs of mittens and three hats) and finished the other fourteen to meet my commitment for twenty in total. Then she also knit her own twenty. I gotta say it - she rocks! Thanks, Mom!

Ryan over at Mossy Cottage Knits has given an update of the items received for the Dulaan 2007 - 13, 411. That's 1,325 items more than her original goal. Awesome! Congratulations to Ryan and all the Dulaan knitters!

To be on the safe side for next year's campaign, I have already started knitting, just in case some other mishap derails my crafting life.

Here's a thumbless mitten I did last week. Yay!

I figure if I start now and do a couple of items a month between now and next year, I'll actually have a nice pile to send off by June.

Hope you're having a great Friday, M

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