Saturday, August 04, 2007

On Your Toes, Knitters!

Because Susan wanted more details as to why the toe-up socks are so fantastique! we shall review the finer points of the process, as I see them. Please put on your point shoes and assume the position. (Anybody having flashbacks to their childhood ballet classes yet?)

Firstly, if the socks are for you or someone in your house, you can find out right away if they will fit the intended foot. As soon as the increase stitches are done, a quick check will provide a size comparison.

This pair, a Confetti colourway 02.005 on 2.00mm dpns, is shown here on my Mom's foot but is actually being knit for me. You can see that it's too big for her but it does fit my foot just fine.

Secondly, they do seem to knit up faster. I'm not sure if this theory can be validated with any data, but I find the ability to stop and try them on at any interval desired does seem to keep me motivated, even if they're not for me!

This is another Confetti pair, colourway 06.002, knit on 2.00mm dpns.

When I get to the point where I think it's long enough to start the heel, I start the next sock and knit it to the same length. That way I can avoid the second sock syndrome and get them as perfectly matched as possible.

Thirdly, have you ever tried a short-row heel? Whoa, baby!!! Do I love the short-row heel! I don't know if they can be done on cuff-down socks but I absolutely love them and I will never go back to the picking-up-gussett-stitches heel again.

This time we have, yes, you guessed it, a Confetti sock in colourway 05.004, knit on yet another pair of 2.00mm dpns. (Did I mention that I have recently invested in several more pairs of 2.00 dpns so I can keep knitting toe-up socks like mad? Did I? Huh? Did I?)

Lastly, and the biggest reason I wanted to try toe-up socks, is the use of as much of those very expensive balls of sock yarn as possible. (Lorna's Laces Lovers, you know who you are!)

By knitting from the toe up, there is no more guessing about how long to make the leg in order to have enough yarn left for the heel/foot/toe. Because the toe/foot/heel are already finished, you just knit along until you only have enough left to do the ribbing or other cast off of your choice. So brilliant AND it appeals to my cheapness!

Okay, Susan, so there you have it. My case for the toe-up socks. I highly recommend the process and if I can give you the bug, all the better.

Happy knitting all, M


Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Thanks for answering my question so thoroughly. Now in partial payment - yes, leg down socks can use the short row heel (and toe for that matter). I love me my short row heels too!

Pioggia said...

That last point is the most important: That you don't have to worry about finishing the foot before running out of yarn. I also want to add the great advantage of no seaming and no grafting involved.

Katie said...

Do you know of any good books on tip toe socks? for those of us who just started knitting with multipul needles, and are only know preparing to knit that first sock?

Thank you

Life's a Stitch said...

I've only knit two pairs of socks, both top down. After reading this I'll try toe up for sure,