Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a great day around here yesterday! And I finally bought another battery recharger for the camera so there is photographic evidence. Yay!

First, my friend, Cindy, needed some help figuring out her new sewing machine.

She was zipping along in no time. (Don't quote me on this but I'm thinking we might get another quilting convert around here, sooner than later. )

I even got to do a little stitching myself, which hasn't happened in way too long.

Later in the day, we started preparations for our self-styled Thanksgiving feast.

No turkey in site but, wow, did we eat!

Smoked salmon, roasted garlic, french baguette, warm brie, crab-stuffed mushroom caps, garlic-stuffed olives, risotto-stuffed peppers with asparagus, tomato & bocconcini salad, humus, and chocolate turtle cheesecake for dessert.

Way too much food for just the two of us but we had so much fun cooking and eating, we're going to do it again very soon!

Hope you've all had a wonderful holiday weekend, M

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eyeleen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!