Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thankful For Small Mercies

Like mail. Something I learned to appreciate so greatly when I lived in remote areas.

In northern Saskatchewan, we only got mail on Tuesdays and Fridays so going to the post office was a community event. This shared ritual was made even better if there was a parcel in my box.

So now, during this time of great stress and more packing than this tired forty-year-old person should have to do in one year, I am thankful for the mail. This week, it brought a parcel from Chapters which included this:

I am excited by the prospect of sweaters that do not require seaming. I dislike any projects that need to be seamed. I am not good at it. I have never found a way to get good at it. I think my seaming ruins a perfectly good knitted project. Hence, I haven't even attempted a sweater in a couple of years or more. Also hence, more in-the-round knitting than anything else.

This book offers more than just top-down sweater patterns, some of which are terribly cute. It also provides instructions on how to adapt existing patterns to this method and tips for designing your own. Very cool.

Once I get moved, I would like to try one out. Although it is very tempting to whip out some needles and yarn as I write this, I am running out of packing time so must resist.

The movers will be here on Thursday morning at 8:30am. As it is, I'm packing several boxes then knitting a few rounds on a sock. It helps to centre me for more packing. At least that's my story!

Speaking of which, I guess I better get a few more boxes filled up!

Happy Sunday, Travellers, M

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BerryKnitty said...

yes, I no longer make sweaters that require seaming--or too much of it. I love doing them in the round. That looks like a great book. Congrats on your move!